.The Tornado Cave is a tornado/storm shelter. It is designed to be bolted into the concrete in a garage or similar structure. If you do not have a basement you need one of these!  The Tornado Cave is cleverly made of a composite  of materials with  parabolically shaped vertical framing to increase its strenghth under crushing loads.  The inward opening door helps  to prevent entrapment by debris.
 The Tornado Cave, unlike other shelters, is so light it can be moved as needed and  it is very economical compared to metal or concrete shelters.
 The Tornado cave  has a frame made of steel,a layer of steel mesh,and a layer of Kevlar encased in a high density polyurethane foam and bolted with expanding anchor bolts securely to a concrete slab.The inward opening door has locks, bracing, and louvered air vents.A strong steel frame supports the component materials.The Tornado Cave is designed to fulfill the need for cost effective shelter in the event of a tornado or high wind event. The Tornado Cave is designed to protect the occupants at a lower cost and weight than traditional steel or concrete structures. The tornado Cave provides a place to go when the warnings sound that is more protection than today's standard frame home on a slab allows. 
Some unique design features of the Tornado Cave:     
.Composite structure of rebar frame with expanded metal mesh layers and Kevlar fabric sandwiched between high density polyurethane foam to resist damage from a tornado.
.Parabolic shape to minimize damage from crushing loads.
. Parabolic shape is one piece.
The Tornado Cave has a small gap at the floor and vent near the top to facilitate air pressure equalization.
The Tornado Cave is designed to be  attatched to a concrete base in an enclosed structure such as a garage,barn or factory with expanding metal bolt anchors.
. The Tornado Cave has a lighter weight than other steel or concrete shelters.
The Tornado Cave's inward opening door design aids egress in the event of debris accumulating in the exit path.
.  Door locking strongbacks increase strenghth of door.
The Tornado Cave's basic 6 person design is easily expanded  by adding more "hoops" to the frame.
Can add composite layers to make suitable shelter for installation outside on poured slab. Frame can incorporate both vertical supports and more "hoops" to increase load strenghths for outside installation.

 All About the Tornado Cave:
 Locally  owned here in Frankfort, IN